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Greengo Pouch


Greengo is the ideal tobacco replacement

Due to the smoking ban it’s more difficult to smoke inside a public place. Even spots which have been set up especially for smokers, such as (Dutch) coffeeshops, it’s no longer permitted to smoke tobacco.

But now there is the perfect ‘non-tobacco’ smoking solution!

Greengo is the perfect solution, and because it’s not tobacco you can smoke it at places where it’s officially prohibited!

This tobacco substitute is made of 4 natural ingredients. A mix of four herbs, namely:

  • Hazel leaf
  • Papaya
  • Mint
  • Eucalyptus

The taste of Greengo

Greengo has a powerful and spicy taste. It’s a unique blend.
There are however a few essential differences from traditional tobacco products:

- Greengo contains no nicotine and isn’t addictive;
- there’s less tar in Greengo compared to tobacco;
- Greengo contains no big pieces of tar or tobacco branches, which is often a disadvantage of regular tobacco.

Greengo: a better mix!

The composition of Greengo has been tested and confirmed by the Heintz van Landewyck service laboratories, established in Luxembourg, 18-11-2008. Greengo is, compared to previous tobacco substitutes, NOT more harmful for your health than normal (tobacco) smoking. It’s even a bit healthier because Greengo has no nicotine and contains less tar than tobacco.

""It looks, feels and rolls like regular tobacco, and to me, tastes and smokes amazingly."


Greengo Bucket