Greengo Jar


Airtight storage jar for Greengo

Greengo is a pure natural product. That also means it can become dry. It is therefore important to store your Greengo tobacco substitute in a airtight container. We also provide Greengo humidifying stones which can be used for the pouches or in a airtight jar.

The jars are well suited to present Greengo tobacco substitute on the table or bar.

Greengo: quality brand for smokers, by smokers!

Greengo is a trademark, managed by international wholesale company: TGC Trading B.V. We are a young, dynamic company that specialises in smoking accessories. From rolling papers to vaporizers from lavalamps to T-Shirts – our product range is wide, our prices are low. Our mission is to offer you the very best products found on the market today, and our own brands try to exceed that mission by offering even better products. We develop and import our own products, thereby ensuring the best quality, and proudly offer them to you against sharp and competitive prices. Interested? Contact us for more information!

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